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Fall Training Institute Recap- Inspirational!

American Reading Company (ARC) sponsored one of our Keynote Speakers, Dr. Stephen Peters, at the NJAFPA Fall Training Institute.  Dr. Peters shared his experiences as a student, a teacher, and an administrator with the participants of the conference.  His realistic approach to raising not only achievement in today’s students, but also their self esteem, is nothing short of inspiring.  Dr. Peters shared his accomplishments in schools that made significant growth in short periods of time thus, resulting in both National and State Blue-Ribbon distinction. Stephen is founder of the nationally recognized Gentlemen’s & Ladies Club programs, which provide options for thousands of at-risk and honor students throughout the United States. Stephen is currently CEO & President of The Peters Group, a national education consulting company. The Peters Group has a track record of creating and sustaining success in schools, and districts, by supporting educators through a 3-step process of teaching and learning.

His presentation dealt with real life experiences and the value in really understanding the whole child. Referencing the award winning book he authored, Do You Know Enough About Me To Teach Me?, Dr. Peters demonstrated how deeply he understand the dynamics of effective schools and how they operate. Story after story illustrated his deep commitment to understanding student motivation and building relationships with students. (The “Capture” component of his philosophy.)

His stories of real life examples were so easy to relate to! He created the same bond with the audience that he asked us to create with our students. He “captured” our attention and held it. Demonstrating his philosophy Dr. Peters then inspired us with his amazing success stories. He spoke at length about how his team all believed that every child could succeed and shared this belief with the students they worked with. His belief in inspiring everyone to become more than they believed possible, was inspiring to us, the educators in the room! This transitioned into his belief that once you have “captured and inspired” the students they will work with you to learn how to develop their personal gifts. Story after story affirmed the success of his program and detailed how a dedicated group of adults who believe in the power within each child can make a dramatic difference in their lives.

In closing Dr. Stephen Peters invited us to follow him on twitter and to contact his group. Most of us left inspired and empowered to read his books, embrace his message and try to make a difference in the lives of our students.

Sponsored by The American Reading Company