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2018 NJAFPA Student Scholarships Award Winners

NJAFPA is proud to announce the 2018
NJAFPA Student Scholarship Award Winners.

The NJAFPA Student Scholarship Awards are given to grade 12 students that have met the following criteria;

  • Students have participated in at least one State or Federally funded program such as Title I/ Chapter I, ESL/Bilingual or Basic Skills Improvement Program, at some point between pre-kindergarten and grade twelve.
  • Student’s academic performance for grades 9, 10, and 11 should be average or above based on local district standards (transcript).
  • Student shows a definite financial need and this should be confirmed by the school district recommending the student.
And the Winner of the 2018 NJAFPA Student Scholarship Awards are;

Remy M. Jacob,  Jaline Ramos, and Matthew Varghese.

Congratulation to this year’s winners and all the students that were nominated.